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Mang Lang Church

Mang Lang Church - one of the oldest churches in Viet Nam

Mang Lang Church - one of the oldest churches in Viet Nam

35km from Tuy Hoa city to the North, in An Thach commune (Tuy An district), located Mang Lang Church, one of the oldest churches in Vietnam, was built in 1892 by a Frenchman named Joseph de La Cassagne, whose Vietnamese name was Co Xuan by the parish residents here, he was the first priest of the Mang Lang parish in charge of building the church; this is also the place storing the first book of national language in our country.

Located within an area of 5,000 m², painted in white, but time has turned the church into black color as an ink wash painting. The gothique architecture of the church front side evokes imagination of an artistic-full church in France or Roman. On the flanks are two bell towers, the cross in the center; stepping inside, you can see two ropes of a ringing bell for ceremony, and if luck knocks on you, you can witness wire-pulling to ring church bells boisterous the neighbor.

With a history of nearly 120 years of existence, each wall, door, praying table ... is tinted with time. Along the uniqueness of the shape, lines with XIX century’s architecture, Mang Lang church is a destination that tourists never fail to visit.

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