Our Story


From Nha Trang to Ha Noi, if going by road on the national road No1, travelers will see numerous mountains and hills from distance in the west and bared hill ranges lonely along the road in all weather. It will exist forever if without human labor to transform and there is a successful transformation: Thơm hill – a bared hill 10km away from the center of Tuy  Hòa city northwards, it is now high grade eco resort. If passing here by day, tourists will see roofs with different heights , facilities under the foliage. At night, the whole resort is glorious in colourful lights which we can see it 10km in the distance.

Swimming in the sea in the morning, sleeping under the foliage at night.

It is target to reach and also slogan to act of this resort. Dr. Trình Quang Phú - chairman of the Management Board of VietStar - said: in the area of architecture, planning, Sao Việt maintains and enhances natural beauty, without damaging the environment, building any facilities made of concrete. The resort has modern beauty and its own identity. For this reason, villas  have their own gardens with “banana behind ereca ahead”, bamboo rows along the road, lotus pool, birds and wild animals... In addition, Sao Việt also has man-made waterfall and cave, winding roads for people who like going for a walk to discover have feeling as if they were climbing pass, going down stream, crossing forest.

After 5 years of building with investment cost of more VND 200 billion, eco-resort on Thơm hill has been built with 22 villas, 3 houses on stilt and 90 deluxe rooms together with restaurant services, café bar, swimming pool, conference hall… In the course of building there were high rank officials of the party and the government visiting, staying and writing down words to show their enthusiastic compliments because Sao Việt determinated “creation, transformation of a deserted and arid hill into a high class resort”. In the opening ceremony, Mr. Đào Tấn lộc said: “For Phú Yên, some historic, social researchers said Phú Yên has tourist development potentialities due to locations of mountain, river, specific landscape. They said Chóp Chài mountain is head of dragon, hills are eyes and feet of dragon. Currently, Sao Việt “opened” an eye of dragon. I hope other enterprises will come to Phú Yên to invest and develop so that the figure of dragon is full..”

Madam Kim Hương - Director of VietStar - said: although the eco-resort on Thơm hill opened and operated, it is only in stage 1 of the project, tourists only “sleeping under the foliage” without feeling “swimming in the sea in the morning”. In the next stage, we're build 20ha Sao Mai at Long Thủy seaside more beautiful than Thơm hill in sea landscape. These two resorts will be connected by electric car so that tourists can enjoy feeling “swimming in the sea in the morning, sleeping under the foliage at night”.

“…when I was at university, Trình Quang Phu’s youngest sister and I were in the same class. I often walked on the dusty path at the foot of Thơm hill to visit the family of an old man in the fishing village full of hot sand in the northern Thơm hill. I can not believe that this hill for scores of years later has reached and changed into a modern, busy resort. And I have opportunity “sleeping under the foliage” to think of life”, journalist Le Tien Tuyen said.

 (Quote from Sai Gon Giai Phong  newspaper, on 30-April-2009)